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What we are doing to help stop the spread?


Q & A's

How is the Island Beach Bar creating a safe space? 

As mentioned above, we are not taking the situation lightly. We will adhere strictly to COVID-19 Regulations: 

  • Although we are an outside venue. We do not take the COVID-19 situation lightly and will our capacity is 100 people. This is to ensure safe and secure social distancing. 

  • We have a strict policy and signing in process. This is not to deter anyone, but rather be mindful of the situation. We will ask that you read our Indemnity Form which includes all further regulations according to Disaster Act 2002: AMENDMENT OF REGULATIONS ISSUED IN TERMS OF SECTION 27(2). 

  • Hands sanitise, temperature checks and details at certain check points.

  • No mask. No entry. Although we are an outdoor bar and we know it is a fun journey to get to our venue. We encourage wearing masks up and till you are seated and with your mates. This is also to protect our fellow guests and staff.

  • We have revamped and undergone layout changes to manage social distancing as best we can. We will encourage social distancing and will be setting bar space accordingly to help create fun yet safe spaces.

  • Our staff will be well equipped - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and all - to ensure a further safe space.

What's happening; is the Beach Bar open like usual?

We are opening every day from 1pm-8:30pm for drinks, food and a little sunset session. Keep an eye out for live music.

We are avoiding big events this year to help stop the spread of covid. 

Can We Dance?

According to the President we are not allowed to have a dedicated dance floor and in light of this we have sectioned out the beach bar for everyone to stay with their groups in a safe space where they are comfortable and to maintain social-distancing. As a big venue, this should not be a problem we just want to create a safe and fun space for everyone. 

Are the IBB staff vaccinated?

Everyone working at IBB is fully vaccinated against Covid 19; from the bartenders to the boat drivers, we aren't taking any risks :)

Must guests be vaccinated to visit?

No, it is currently not a requirement, however if you are showing any symptoms or have been in close contact with someone with Covid 19 please stay home.

You spoke about an Indemnity Form?

We have updated our Indemnity Form for our bar days.

Please find our forms below.

Island Beach Bar Indemnity Form
Bar Days

We will do our part and hope you will do yours too.

We know it’s not always the best, but we owe it to each other.  

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