What we are doing to help stop the spread?

We believe in being fully honest and open about the pandemic. It was an extremely difficult choice to make to open the Island Beach Bar 2020. With a lack of sponsors and an extremely fragile climate we find ourselves in.  We further had to think about our Stanley Island community (which we sure you will meet as you make your way to beach bar), our bar and kitchen staff who travel from all parts of South Africa to come be apart of our season and of course you. 


So, we will open, for now until Cyril says otherwise. BUT we do not take this lightly. We have taken all the necessary precautions make this a safe space including the following: 



Q & A's

How is the Island Beach Bar creating  a safe space? 

As mentioned above, we are not taking the situation lightly. We will adhere strictly to COVID-19 Regulations: 

  • Although we are an outside venue. We do not take the COVID-19 situation lightly and will only host 150 people. This is to ensure safe and secure social distancing. Please make sure to purchase any tickets before the event to secure a spot.

  • We have a strict policy and signing in process. This is not to deter anyone, but rather be mindful of the situation. We will ask that you read our Indemnity Form which includes all further regulations according to Disaster Act 2002: AMENDMENT OF REGULATIONS ISSUED IN TERMS OF SECTION 27(2). 

  • Hands sanitise, temperature checks and details at certain check points.

  • No mask. No entry. Although we are an outdoor bar and we know it is a fun journey to get to our venue. We encourage wearing masks up and till you are seated and with your mates. This is also to protect our fellow guests and staff.

  • We have revamped and undergone layout changes to manage social distancing as best we can. We will encourage social distancing and will be setting our events and bar space accordingly to help create fun yet safe spaces.

  • Our staff will be well equipped - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and all - to ensure a further safe space.

  • We have gotten in our local security to come and help us manage social distancing and maintain capacity. This is not to scare you, but rather to help us to maintain safety. 

What's happening is the Beach Bar open like usual? Why so many smaller events?

So in light of COVID, we decided the easiest way to keep a safe space to host special day events. HOWEVER, from the 20 Dec to 02 Jan when events are not taking place, we will be opening as a bar with a maximum capacity allowance. So please keep a special eye on the times of the events. But, please feel free to contact us if you are unsure or want to reserve a table.

What about the other days? Will you have to pay to access the Island Beach Bar? 

We have kept a few days open as trial and error (all of this is new to us too) where you can come join us on the only beach open on the garden route. This will be free of charge. BUT, we will keep a strict capacity of 150 people and recommend booking in advance.

Open Times & Curfew? 

Our Island Beach Bar will be open from 13:00 till 20:30 on normal days. 


Each “event” day will have specific closing times which can be seen on our Facebook events. But to be safe and to get all of you home safely before curfew. We will close at the latest 21:30 PM.


Can We Dance?

According to the President we are not allowed to have a dedicated dance floor and in light of this we have sectioned out the beach bar for everyone to stay with their groups in a safe space where they are comfortable and to maintain social-distancing. As a big venue, this should not be a problem we just want to create a safe and fun space for everyone. 

What about the Menu situation?

In light of COVID, we have decided to use disposable menus - either for you to take home (a little reminder to come back!) or to leave with us to be recycled. We are single use plastic free. This means that we’re keeping plastic out of our river and oceans. We’re using 100% biodegradable straws made from corn starch that will be added to our compost heap to grow herbs for next season's cocktails. Only glass bottles are used and are locally recycled.

You spoke about an Indemnity Form?

We have updated our Indemnity Form for our bar days, as well, as for each day something will be happening.

Please find our forms below.

Island Beach Bar Indemnity Form
Bar Days
Island Beach Bar Indemnity Form
Opening - 20 Dec 2020
Island Beach Bar Indemnity Form
Fun In The Sun  - 21 Dec 2020
Island Beach Bar Indemnity Form
Bottomless Brunch  - 22 Dec 2020
Island Beach Bar Indemnity Form
Refresh Me - 29 Dec 2020

We will do our part and hope you will do yours too.

We know it’s not always the best, but we owe it to each other.